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Stop wasting time searching the internet for items to flip. Get profitable items shipped to your door, without lifting a finger.
Available on MacOS & Windows
TL;DR (too long; didn't read):
Refract scans the internet all day, every day, for the best deals. Then, it automatically buys them. You either keep the items or resell them for $$$.
Millions in savings and profits
Some recent success
Wait, so how does this work?
Don't worry, it's simple.
Just follow a few easy steps
You download Refract to your computer.
Refract runs on your computer, your login never touches our servers.
You connect your Amazon account.
This step is easy, don't worry. It takes less than 15 minutes.
Refract scans the web for the best deals.
You sit back and relax while Refract does all the work.
Packages show up at your door.
You can either keep them or resell them. Up to you.
Simple & transparent pricing
Let's get you up-and-running
$99 one-time setup fee
Then, only $50/mo to continue
What you get:
Custom deal finder
Connect 50 Amazon accounts
Private Discord community
24/7 customer support
Trusted by hundreds
"Refract has a great UI, is very user friendly, and it cooks. The team answers any questions that the user may have and it's clear that they want the users to succeed. After struggling to checkout consistently with other retail bots, Refract has solved that."
Joined Nov. 2021
"It took me awhile to jump on board. After doing so I wish I would have sooner. What an amazing piece of software. Your Walmart module is arguably the best in the industry currently and I hope you guys keep the passion you are putting into it."
Joined June. 2022
"I've had Refract for a few months now, and I must say it's an incredible program that checks out Amazon freebies. It's undoubtedly one of the top bots I've come across, and what impresses me the most is how easy it is to use. Not to mention, waking up to a high number of successful checkouts has been an absolute delight. It has saved me a ton of time and effort while ensuring I don't miss out on any great deals. Highly recommended for anyone looking to snag freebies on Amazon!"
Joined February. 2023
"Very easy to use, extremely lightweight, great dev team that responds to feedback quickly and updates often!"
tensai kurooso#3171
Joined Oct. 2021
"Refract is hands down the most consistent and easy-to-use bot ever. I never question whether I'm able to secure checkouts; it's always about how many, never about if I'm able to secure anything. When it comes to Freebies, there is no better deal sourcer out there than Refract. Previously, with other bots, I only ever got junk. I love that now I get actual usable checkouts for myself and my clients. 10/10 easily the best bot in my arsenal."
Matt Seidle
Joined May. 2023
"Refract is a Game Changer. The outstanding performance of their bot is a testament to the dedication and skill of their dev team. Everyday, I'm waking up to an average of 50-70 freebie checkouts, a feat that speaks volumes about the bot's top-tier efficiency. Their user interface is refreshingly straightforward. No clutter, no complications - just a clear, functional design that goes hand in hand with their superior performance."
Joined May. 2023