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Introducing Refract
Checkout automation software for eletronics and collectibles.
Securing the latest Playstations, GPUs, and trading cards for retail has never been easier. Get started today and elevate your purchasing experience.
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Simple, transparent pricing
For resellers new to the game
Access to all modules
Run unlimited tasks
Access to 24/7 support server
1 month of access
For the more experienced reseller
Access to all modules
Run unlimited tasks
Access to 24/7 support server
3 months of access
Renewable at $50/mo
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An Unparalleled Experience
The most performant tool on the market
Running Users
Supported Platforms
Elevate your reselling experience
Supporting the top retailers
A Seamless User Experience
Powerful, intuitive features
Everything you need to scale your profits without scaling complexity. Refract is built with you in mind.
Utilize our best in-class analytics to track your checkouts and stay on top of your business
Task Groups
Stay organized with task groups, allowing you to cook efficiently and effectively
An All-In-One Tool
All you need to scale your reselling
Dark Themed Application
IMAP Support
Connect your emails, and submit confirmation codes hands-free
In-Bot Browser
Use the in-bot browser as a fallback in case websites change at drop time
Save proxy data by using Refract's presets, powered by our cloud monitors
Run thousands of tasks in parallel, and still get the best performance
Trusted by hundreds
"Originally I would have to use 3-4 different bots to achieve what I'm able to with one copy of Refract. It improved both my workflow and mental health tenfold. I'm just blown away."
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Joined Jan. 2022
"Refract has a great UI, is very user friendly, and it cooks. The team answers any questions that the user may have and it's clear that they want the users to succeed. After struggling to checkout consistently with other retail bots, Refract has solved that."
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Joined Nov. 2021
"It took me awhile to jump on board. After doing so I wish I would have sooner. What an amazing piece of software. Your Walmart module is arguably the best in the industry currently and I hope you guys keep the passion you are putting into it."
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Joined June. 2022
"Very easy to use, extremely lightweight, great dev team that responds to feedback quickly and updates often!"
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tensai kurooso#3171
Joined Oct. 2021
"In one run with Refract, you guys are on to something, I know it. For the last 7 months I have only used [competitor], and honestly, until now, I've never needed another retail bot. I'm nearly 1000 checkouts with that bot. For the 3rd week in a row, I had no checkouts with it and it my first run, I checked out with Refract. Needless to say, I'm a believer and I need this for my ACO, business."
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Matt Seidle#2660
Joined May. 2022
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